Powerful Digital Marketing Statistics and Facts for 2020

The digital marketing industry is dynamic and ever-changing. This is why you must keep up with new advancements in the sector. The last thing you want, especially if you have a startup business, is to lag behind and watch rivals get ahead, simply because they’re better informed. So what’s the best way to determine the […]


Facebook accounts have become a popular Hub for scammers and fraudsters but the question is how do the do this? Retargeted advertising… funny word right but lets break it down a bit. The sole aim of Hacking your Facebook account is to get access to your contacts (friends, pages and groups). Social media is a […]

colour pyschology

Color could makes you Hungry but How?

Why does red associate with hunger or yellow and green associate with warmth. Colour psychology is basically how the human brain interprets colour.

This differentiates Brands that call out to customers from brand that just exist.