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Work Smarter with These 5 Lead Conversion Tools

No matter what business you’re in, lead conversion has to be a top priority. Converting a lead means that you take a potential customer and convince them to make a purchase.

Plenty of this will have to do with their needs and your product.

However, a lot of it also depends on your website, how well you network, and whether you keep in touch. After all, a neglected lead will simply find a different business that’s enthusiastic about meeting their needs.

Read on as we cover six online services that can improve your lead conversion.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a multifaceted tool that helps you keep track of web traffic, missed opportunities, and potential sales. They even have tips and additional tools to create websites and ad campaigns.

Though they have a selection of services, we believe their email marketing management is second to none. Their service allows you to schedule email blasts and keep track of customer info.

It also offers analytics. For example, Constant Contact can divide your customers and leads into segments. This lets you create micro-blasts for sales emails to target audience subsets.

Google Analytics

If you aren’t using Google Analytics yet, you need to set aside time in your schedule to start. This service is invaluable when you’re trying to improve leads across platforms.

For example, perhaps you have accounts on multiple social media sites, plus a company blog, and then a separate hub for e-commerce. How do you know where your customers are coming from?

Google Analytics provides a thorough breakdown of all this info. See how customers find you, whether your SEO is effective, and which platforms generate the most sales.

Many business leaders assume that converting leads for your business happens online. While this is certainly a great place to expand your reach, don’t underestimate the power of networking in person.

You still want people to visit your website though, so make sure you have business cards on hand. is a free online tool equipped with hundreds of templates to build on or a creative mode.

Once you’ve printed them at home or through a printing service, you need to hand them out. Go to conferences, conventions, and other live events to network.


Another excellent tool to use is Hubspot’s CRM service. Hubspot is one of the go-to platforms for knowledge about online marketing. Naturally, their services are among the best.

Their CRM service is free and combines a few of the tools we’ve discussed above. Among the ways to convert leads through their platform, there’s one we particularly like.

The tool in question allows you to monitor your deals. Not only can you see where leads are coming from, but you can also track how the deal goes.

If there’s an unidentified sticking spot where potential customers leave your store, this tool will tell what it is.

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg offers a service that less common but incredibly valuable. It’s the ultimate de-bugger. However, it’s not finding bugs in your code, but rather in your sales process.

This takes shape in a variety of ways (and pairs well with Hubspot’s deal tracker). It can help you figure out areas of your website that people never click on and those that get the most attention.

You can even use it try out different iterations of your website. Should you use Image A as your header or Image B? Do your customers engage more with a top-down menu or a sidebar menu? You can find out.

Don’t lose out on potential customers. Use every tool at your disposal to improve your website and connections. Not only will this satisfy customers, but it will help grow your business, too.

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